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When it comes to having a successful mobile app it’s extremely important to have a marketing plan to create awareness and get people using the app. Before we get started I just wanted to reiterate that if you have a good app that friends and family love, people are blogging and talking about then the strategies over this series will help you boost your app. To get started, we’ll need app promotion service find the relevant keywords you want to target, discover their approximate search volume and ranking difficulty, then we’ll need to plug them into your app store listing via iTunes Connect. There are lots of ASO services from the Internet but most of them are in English only. The client you are app promotion service will already the few steps described above taken care of. They understand that their customers use mobile, they have a mobile-friendly website and most importantly…they already have a mobile app. Visually, you’ll want to include useful screenshots that look appealing in your app description.

Launch Kit is a very helpful tool that I have used to create screenshots (getting the dimensions right for each cost per install android app is a very pesky process), and offers an easy way to make a clean looking app splash page. Apple reviews apps before publishing them to the App Store, and sticking your app in the absolute wrong category for ASO purposes will probably mean a reject stamp. The platform analyzes the relevancy of titles and app descriptions; tracks app statistics; allows users to upload their iTunes and display them graphically; helps users track statistics of their competitors and compare them with buyers on the same graph. Little apps are doing any ASO but it will definetly start to become more important, similar to how SEO started back in the day, now SEO is essential to even rank in Google.

In the long run, writing for people will pay off more than writing for app store search algorithms. It will also translate keywords into App Store’s most popular foreign languages and even get real-time email notifications about search rankings. Screenshots should highlight differentiating and important features in each, reinforcing the uniqueness of your app and thus explaining why a user should install and use it. It will also show you how frequently that term is being searched across app stores. The goal of ASO is to increase the findability of your app within app stores, translating to higher downloads and more users. This should then become a regular review cycle as you learn more about your users and effective keywords. Having a regular check on app rankings and user reviews could give you insights to help improve your app and marketing effectiveness.

So unlike on-line search, internet marketers have to consider more than just Google. Regarding the algorithms, Apple does not officially index keywords from app descriptions but it seems that they might have a small impact. People are searching App Store with various patterns and one really needs to understand their behaviour to succeed. The fewer total apps that rank for the keyword, the easier it will be to rank for it. And finally, the higher the search score, the more lucrative the keyword is for our app. We have more data and experience working inside the App Store than anybody else. Therefore, this’ll eventually increase your app ratings and reviews because your users will be getting better versions with each release. In our own experience, we saw an even higher change in conversion in the iOS App Store — as much as 150% for a travel app. Your icon and screenshots are your opportunity to put yourself into the App Store’s ‘shop window’.

If your app does something completely different than the top apps for that keyword, you may not have as much interest as you’d like. That said — the app store and play store algorithms operate on a logarithmic basis, meaning that the higher you climb in rank, the more difficult it becomes. This helps leverage existing content and search engine notoriety towards your app, dependent upon the App Store. This information gets fed back into the App Store search and is helped to rank apps. Optimizing your app store creatives – Helps you increase install conversions for organic users and ones coming through paid acquisition channels. App screenshots and videos are very important visual assets to catch users’ attention, just like your app’s icon. To start, make sure that the description reads well and explains your app and its functions.

  • Mobify monitors both the in-app feedback and App Store reviews to provide additional user experience improvements.
  • After all, in the world of Google Play and the App Store, it really doesn’t matter how many people search for your app if no one downloads it.
  • ASO is all about conversion.
  • These tips will give you a solid foundation, and as long as you’re following Apple and Google’s publishing guidelines, you’ll continue to see organic improvement in your user base.
  • The various App Store optimization tools we talked about through this tutorial will give you a big help in making your app rise to the top of the rankings.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of an A/B testing tool telling you whether your optimization produced a better result, one of the most common forms of correlation is pre-post analysis.
  • Giving the rating such a weight is a way to make sure app developers don’t cheat by paying for installs to boost their Top Charts rankings.
  • While the app store algorithms are not as well studied as search engine algorithms, strong use of highly relevant and indicative keywords is key to driving relevant traffic towards your app page.
  • By keeping keywords current and focused on your target market, it assures that you’ll stay on top of the search results.
  • Indeed, keywords from the app title, the app publisher name, the in-app purchases and the app category are used to rank apps as well.

In order to achieve high results in the Apple App Store, your app will need to have a lot of downloads in the previous 72 hours. There are even tools to help you choose them – MobileDevHQ , AppTweak , Sensor Tower , SearchMan and App Store Rankings , for example – which will help you to find the keywords that will elevate your brand highest in the search rankings. Instead, think of them as promotional graphics that incorporate app screenshots to show the action of the app and the benefits of using it in a visual form. Standing out in the app stores comes down to knowing how to market an app Clearly defining your apps features and focusing on them in the app title, target search coverage and in focus group tested creatives has proven to have a significant impact on relevant search rankings.

That’s why your ASO should also incorporate elements of SEO in your push to reach beyond the App Store to get views, downloads and purchases of your app. According to the head of search and discovery for Google Play , Ankin Jain, a full 12% of all daily active users are looking for apps on a daily basis. And have review filtering in place so that positive reviews go through to your page in the app store (to boost your app and drive others to check it out). Every app update is an opportunity to also upload fresh screenshots of app interfaces. Check back with this guide when launching new apps or planning your next update, as we’ll be keeping it up-to-date with the latest best practices. AppAnnie has one of the industry’s top app ranking, analytics and market intelligence platforms and describes itself as: The #1 decision-making platform for the entire mobile app economy”.

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